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I want your fabric!

Scraps, Remnants, Pieces galore!
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Welcome to iwantyourfabric. This place is for anyone and everyone who has some old fabric, whether they be scraps, pieces, or whole yards that they don't need anymore. And of course, this is also the place for scavengers. :)

Rules //
1. PLEASE do not pimp your creations here. There are 10+ other communities for that. This community is for leftover, unused, unwanted fabric only.
2. As with any community, be civil people.
3. Be sure to include your contact information so people who want your fabric can reach you.
4. It is up to you what kind of price you want to set for your fabric, whether it be just for shipping, if you'd like some fabric in return, or if you're generous enough to send it free of charge, but be reasonable.
5. Don't pimp other communities here.

So far, I think that's it. More rules may be added as time progressed.

If you have any problems, questions, etc, contact the moderator, solsolis.