nid-e-ay (nidea) wrote in iwantyourfabric,

fabric scraps available!

I have some pretty scrappy scraps. Clean but small. Wide variety of materials! Very assorted sizes!

I am in Wisconsin and you can have them for the price of shipping! Send me $10 in stamps, well-concealed cash or a good check and I'll send you a boxful and your change, if any.

* * * * * * * *

I also have a variety of cloth (larger pieces) that I'm willing to trade for natural- and mostly-natural-fiber yarn. I'll send a box full of fabric, you send 2/3 of a box of yarn. Or so. :) You can specify colors, fibers, sizes... but the more picky you are, the less you'll be able to get.

And I realize there are like 3 people in this group... are you interested in promoting it at all? I found it by searching interests for "fabric swap".
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